Attorney Competition Law

Attorney for German competition law

Activities of a lawyer for competition law

A lawyer for competition law advises and represents you in competition law, especially when it comes to legal issues related to advertising. He advises you on the conception of advertising measures. This is because there are many rules to be observed in advertising, especially towards consumers. Extensive legal requirements, e.g. in advertising with prices or labeling regulations for offers often require legal advice in the creation of an advertising campaign. In this way, it helps to avoid expensive warnings in competition law, for example, due to misleading advertising.



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Competition law and advertising law

Advice on competition law and advertising law

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Representation in court in competition law proceedings and preliminary injunction proceedings


"Specialist lawyer for competition law"

The introduction of a "specialist attorney for competition law" was indeed planned at one time. However, it does not exist per se any more than, for example, the "specialist attorney for trademark law". According to established case law, anyone who calls himself a specialist in this field is acting in an anti-competitive manner.

Competition law is part of the protection of industrial property. The specialist attorney for competition law is therefore correctly the specialist attorney for industrial property protection (Fachanwalt für gewerblichen Rechtsschutz).

The competition law

Competition law, insofar as it concerns unfair business practices, is the sub-area of intellectual property law. This area of law, which is governed by the German Unfair Competition Act (UWG), sanctions certain business acts committed by commercial enterprises in competition with each other. Classic cases are misleading advertisements. Those who obstruct their competitors or advertise in a misleading manner can be sued for injunctive relief, information and damages. Advertising with prizes or sweepstakes and contests are also frequently subject to competition law proceedings.

There are also special competition laws outside the UWG, e.g. the Heilmittelwerbegesetz (German Drug Advertising Act). Further competition law standards can be found in numerous laws, e.g. the Spirits Regulation (Regulation (EU) 2019/787).

Competition law is intended to ensure fair competition based on the merit principle. Interim injunction proceedings are favored in competition law, because under the Unfair Competition Act (UWG), urgency is presumed in competition matters.

Antitrust law is also referred to as competition law. Here, however, the focus is on legal relationships in the vertical area, for example between retailers and wholesalers or manufacturers. Typical antitrust claims of companies against dominant companies (Section 19 GWB) or companies with relative market power (Section 20 GWB) are antitrust supply claims.

How we can help you in competition law

We are committed to representing your interests in the following areas:

  •     Advice and representation in cases of unfair business practices and misleading business practices
  •     Representation in the case of warning letters from competitors or associations and defense against unjustified warning letters or legally abusive warning letters
  •     Representation in cases of infringement of a cease-and-desist obligation under competition law (contractual penalty claims) after submission of a declaration of cease-and-desist obligation backed by a penalty clause
  •     Comparative advertising
  •     Price advertising, UVP and discounts
  •     Protection of trade secrets
  •     Supplementary competition law protection of performance (competition law protection of imitation)
  •     Litigation / litigation in lawsuits and preliminary injunction proceedings in competition law and unfair competition law
  •     Antitrust law supply claims

In the event of legal proceedings, you will necessarily need a lawyer because the regional courts have exclusive jurisdiction over competition disputes.

Costs of a lawyer for competition law

Our costs depend on the specific case and are based on the effort involved. In any case, the initial consultation is free of charge. Within the scope of it, we can also tell you the costs for your specific case. Just contact us: phone +49699150760 or by contact form.