German Specialist Attorney in competition law

German Specialist Attorney in competition law

Thomas Seifried

Attorney-at-law (lawyer) and, for more than ten years, specialist lawyer for intellectual property (i.e. "Fachanwalt fuer gewerblichen Rechtsschutz", the "Specialist lawyer for competition law, trademark law, design law and patent law")


Nationwide representation before courts and trademark and design offices (EUIPO, DPMA)

Thomas Seifried advises and represents well-known companies and associations nationwide in competition law (unfair competition law and antitrust law), design patent law and design law, trademark law and trademark law. He represents before German Regional Courts and Higher Regional Courts, the DPMA and the EUIPO as well as before the Court of the European Union. His clients include well-known brand manufacturers, traditional family businesses, wholesalers and retailers, online retailers and some of the most important associations of the German textile and fashion industry.

Attorney at Law (Rechtsanwalt) and Specialist Lawyer for Intellectual Property ("Fachanwalt fuer gewerblichen Rechtsschutz")

Thomas Seifried has also been a specialist lawyer for intellectual property ("Fachanwalt fuer gewerblichen Rechtsschutz") since the beginning of 2007 and has experience from several hundred court proceedings with demonstrable successes.


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Legal Fields

Trademark and domain law

Advice and representation in trademark law and domain law


Competition and advertising law

Extrajudicial advice and representation in court, especially in preliminary injunction proceedings

Design (Patent) Law

Advice and representation in design patent and design law


Internet law and data protection law

Advice and representation in Internet law and data protection law


Antitrust Law

Advice and representation in antitrust law, in particular on pricing and antitrust supply claims


Warning letters and cease-and-desist declarations

Representation in case of cease-and-desist letters and contractual penalty claims


Author of specialist book on competition law, design patent law, design law and trademark law

Attorney Thomas Seifried was managing director of an industrial association of the textile and fashion industry for the protection of designs and models and is co-author of the book "Schutzrechte und Rechtsschutz in der Textil- und Modeindustrie - Das Praktikerhandbuch über Marken, Designs, Patente und Werbung" published by the Deutscher Fachverlag/dfv Mediengruppe.

As an attorney for trademark law, competition law and Internet law, he regularly speaks at trade fairs (Heimtextil, Digital Fashion Day, search-expo, marketing + services) on trademark law and competition law topics of marketing and online and search engine advertising. Thomas Seifried regularly gives interviews on Internet law, for example on and is the contact person for well-known media in questions of trademark law, competition law and Internet law.

Practice Areas - Intellectual Property and Internet Law/Online Law: 

  • Competition law and/or unfair competition law, advertising law, in particular unfair business practices, misleading and comparative advertising,
  • Trademark law: Trademark infringements, trademark piracy, violations of company trademarks, company names and work titles, trademark violations by Google Adwords or search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Domain law: Infringement of trademark and name rights through domain registration or domain use
  • Design law or design patent law (German registered design, registered Community design, unregistered Community design), supplementary protection under unfair competition law
  • antitrust law
  • Internet law and data protection law
  • Representation in the case of warning letters and defence against unjustified warning letters or unfair warnings in trademark law, competition law or unfair competition law, domain law, design law, internet law/online law
  • Representation in the event of breaches of an obligation to cease and desist (contractual penalty claims) after submission of a declaration of cease and desist with penalty clause
  • Litigation and preliminary injunction proceedings
  • License agreement law
  • Law of the General Terms and Conditions (GTC) and the Standard Terms and Conditions for Textile Finishing Orders (EBTV)
  • Seminars on advertising law and competition law, trademark law, internet law, design law, design law

In the media: HORIZONT,, Financial Times Deutschland etc.

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