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During the last two decades, The People’s Republic of China has become a powerhouse within the textile industry. Its domestic demand for textiles and fashion is booming. Intellectual property rights are a key factor in competing for market shares.
So how can you protect and defend your trademarks, designs and patents in the People’s Republic of China?
Internationally renowned intellectual property experts from Liu, Shen & Asoociates, Beijing, will give answers to this and other questions about the
intellectual property rights.

„Trademarks, Designs, Patents - Intellectual Property Law for Textiles and Fashion in the People’s Republic of China“.

Participation is free of charge.

28 May 2013
10.30 a.m.

Internationally renowned intellectual property experts from Beijing will give answers to the following questions:


- How to register trademarks in China?

Which marks and signs can be protected?

Filing process, role of the China Patent Trademark Office and the Trademark Review and Adjudication Board (TRAB)

Priority claims of foreign trademarks?

Can already registered identical or similar marks be deleted from the register?

Filing costs and duration

How to license trademarks in China? Requirements to registrate with the Office


- How to register designs (design patents) in China?

Which designs can be protected? Filing procedures, costs and duration

Who owns the design?


- How to register patents and utility models in China?

Filing procedures, costs and duration

Owner of the patent? First-to-invent or first-to-file?


- How to enforce infringements of intellectual property rights in China?

Infringements of intellectual property rightsin the People’s Republic of China; The administrative and judicial system: Courts and the role of the Administration of Industry and Commerce (AIC);

The Experts:
Jay Sha, JD, LLM, Partner, Liu, Shen & Associates is a US and Chinese patent and trademark attorney. He obtained his JD and LLM from John Marshall Law School and his bachelor of science in electrical engineering from Zhejiang University. Jay Sha is an internationally renowned speaker on patents, trademarks and general IP matters.
Michelle Ma, Managing Partner, Liu, Shen & Associates, Beijing, is a patent attorney, trademark attorney and attorney at law. She is head of the firm’s trademark and design department and has broad experience in trademark and design matters.

Gaoyang Yao, Senior Associate, Liu, Shen & Associates, Beijing, is a patent attorney and attorney at law. Mr. Yao specializes in all phases of patent prosecution, reexamination, patent invalidation, and patent litigation and counseling, including infringement as well as validity analysis in mechanical fields including jet propulsion, engine controlling, mechanical engineering and medical and diagnostic device. Mr. Yao obtained a masters degree from the Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics.

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